Saturday, June 21, 2008


This has been a really busy summer so far and there's so much fun to come... I have spent a lot of time playing outside at Grammy's, Grandma's, Aunt Mimi's and at home with Mommy & Daddy! Here's Daddy and me being goofy in our hats! :)

I love to go to parks and go down the slides and I love pools and sprinklers! One day this month I went to a sprinkler park and then to Zilker to ride the train, it was so much fun but I was so tired!

I also love hanging out with Blake and Haley and have spent a lot of time over at their house playing in the back yard... they have a big trampoline, a slip and slide and Blake drives me all over their yard in his jeep, I love it!!!

When I'm not outside I love to sing and dance to my dvds and I love to read my books. I've also been practicing tons of new words... here's a quick list of what I can say: no, more, yes, daddy, momma, my me, ball, baby, bow, milk (sounds like duck), duck, dog, Bailey, Trix, Max, stinky, grapes (beeps), please, Blake, Pops, Bob, water (wa wa), nose, belly button (be be be be)... and more! I am learning so many new animal sounds too... elephant, skunk, bear, cat, rabbit, snake, horse, sheep, bee, and my favorites: fish, bird, dog! We're attaching a vide below with some of them!

Here are some other fun pictures from this summer so far... enjoy! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm 1 and blogging...

So, I thought this would be a great way to help family and friends keep up with my weekly adventures...

I'm still catching up on my sleep from a busy weekend in Houston with family! I visited with Daddy's side of the family and I got to meet Pappy for the first time! I loved the animals and my new friends at his home! I also got to stay at Aunt Bekah's house and I loved it! She and Lennea have HUGE dogs that were fun to hug.

I also celebrated Father's Day with Daddy at the Astros Game and I blew kisses and said please over and over to the guys in the bull pen until I got a ball at the end of the game!!

Then, when we got home Aunt Holly came for a visit and we went over to the Burtons and played with Blake and Haley!