Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can't believe it's almost September...

This month went by so fast and I'm getting so big! I love to talk and I will try to say just about any word you ask me to try. Some of my favorites are: purse, doggies, babies, bye bye, hi, back, happy, book, outs (outside), milk, eat, dance, up, bubbles, bac bac (chicken), juice, wa wa (water), more, please, all done, and cheese (especially when a camera is out)!

I love to put on hats and here I am celebrating with Karen for her Birthday this month! :)

I also love playing in my pool... here I am playing with Frosty Pops and with Baily... she was so funny jumping in and out of my pool!

Here's a picture of me saying "CHEESE"!!!! Mommy loves these pictures! :)

I also played with 2 of my friends that I don't see two often... I played with Jedidiah (Sarah Minter's baby) and Carter (Amanda Brown/May's baby) and I met Coen May for the first time. I kept sneaking off from playing with Jedidiah and Carter to go and rock Coen in his swing... Mommy would find me standing in front of him pushing him.

I also celebrated Gradma's Birthday this month... here's Mommy taking Grandma out for a pedicure and manicure for her special day before meeting us at dinner.

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